Symfony developer bundle for import xls data to your database

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dev-master 2014-04-29 22:28 UTC

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Last update: 2020-11-27 19:12:32 UTC


The CCETCImportBundle is a Symfony bundle for importing xls spreadsheets to your Symfony DB.

It is in beta, and is only currently written to be used with SonataAdmin and Doctrine. It is also only meant to be used by developers at this point.

Development is tracked on the trello board.


Add to your composer.json:

"require": {
    "ccetc/import-bundle": "dev-master"

Run php composer.phar install

Add to AppKernel.php:

new CCETC\ImportBundle\CCETCImportBundle(),

Add to your routing:

    resource: "@CCETCImportBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    prefix:   /


The tool is accessed at admin/import, so make sure this route is secured in security.yml.


You'll need to write a handler to essentially map your database to a xls with an expected set of fields. Your handler should exist as a service in your application, and should extend a handler in Import/Handler.


Navigate to admin/import, and specify your handler service and file path.