Library to decode Digital Green Certificates as defined by the eHealth Network

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Last update: 2024-05-08 13:38:37 UTC


DGC is a PHP library that decodes Digital Green Certificates. In short, it decodes COVID-19 certificates.


Install with composer.

$ composer require causal/dgc


$decoder = new \Causal\DGC\Decoder();

// The string as embedded in the QR code of the certificate (e.g., you can use

// Extract issuer, issuing date, expiring date, type of vaccine, manufacturer, etc.
$data = $decoder->decodeFromQR($input);
  1: "DE",
  4: 1643356073,
  6: 1622316073,
  -260: {
    1: {
      v: [
          ci: "URN:UVCI:01DE/IZ12345A/5CWLU12RNOB9RXSEOP6FG8#W",
          co: "DE",
          dn: 2,
          dt: "2021-05-29",
          is: "Robert Koch-Institut",
          ma: "ORG-100031184",
          mp: "EU/1/20/1507",
          sd: 2,
          tg: "840539006",
          vp: "1119349007"
      dob: "1964-08-12",
      nam: {
        fn: "Mustermann",
        gn: "Erika",
        fnt: "MUSTERMANN",
        gnt: "ERIKA"
      ver: "1.0.0"

You may then prettify the data so that they are more human-readable:

// Basically this returns the exact same data you read in the official Swiss app "Covid Cert"
$humanReadableData = $decoder->prettify($data);
  issuer: "DE",
  issuingDate: "2021-05-29T21:21:13+02:00",
  expiringDate: "2022-01-28T08:47:53+01:00",
  certificate: {
    type: "vaccination",
    person: {
      familyName: "Mustermann",
      givenName: "Erika",
      familyNameTransliterated: "MUSTERMANN",
      givenNameTransliterated: "ERIKA",
      dateOfBirth: "1964-08-12"
    info: {
      singleDoses: 2,
      diseaseOrAgentTargeted: "COVID-19",
      vaccineType: "SARS-CoV2 mRNA vaccine",
      product: "COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna",
      manufacturer: "Moderna Biotech Spain S.L.",
      date: "2021-05-29",
      country: "DE",
      issuer: "Robert Koch-Institut",
      id: "URN:UVCI:01DE/IZ12345A/5CWLU12RNOB9RXSEOP6FG8#W"

Types of Certificates

Following types of certificates are supported:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Test certificate
  • Recovery certificate


  • There is currently NO CHECK of the digital signature (it is not clear at the moment whether public keys of the various issuers are available to anyone).
  • Human-readable conversion is based on European data mapping on 2021/08/30.
  • This library is provided as-is, use it at your own risk!



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.