Unbound Test Server Bundle for Symfony 3

1.0.0 2016-06-22 20:09 UTC



The Unbound LDAP in memory bundle is a Symfony 3 bundle that is built on top of the Unbound LDAP in memory server.


The system requirements for the Unbound LDAP SDK can be found on their site. The system requirements for the bundle are php 5.6 or php 7.0. It is also advisable to have a working knowledge of the LDAP standards.


There are 2 options for installation of this bundle. You can either include it in a symfony app, or use it as a stand alone app.

Bundle Inclusion

Install the bundle into your Symfony 3 app with the following command.

composer require --dev carnegielearning/unbound-ldap-bundle

Stand Alone App

To use the bundle as a standalone app, you can simply clone the repository, and then perform a composer install.

git clone
cd unbound-ldap-bundle
composer install


There are 4 parameters that can be set within the parameters.yml file. These are not required to be set within a yml file as they can be over ridden from the command line.

  • unbound_server_bind_address - The local address to access the server from. The default is
  • unbound_server_port - The port that the server will bind to. The default is 6389
  • unbound_server_base_dn - The base dn that is to be used with the provided ldif. The default is dc=example,dc=com
  • unbound_server_ldif - The ldif that should be used to populate the server. The default is '%kernel.root_dir%/../src/CarnegieLearning/UnboundLdapBundle/Resources/ldap/sample.ldif'


   bin/console unbound:server:run

To change default bind address and port use the address argument:

bin/console unbound:server:run

To change default LDIF file use the --ldif option:

bin/console unbound:server:run --ldif=Resources/ldif/sample.ldif

To change the default BaseDN use the --base-dn option:

bin/console unbound:server:run --base-dn="dc=example,dc=com"

To force a restart of a server that is already running use --force or -f

bin/console unbound:server:run -f