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0.3.0 2016-11-18 16:34 UTC

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This project is not maintained anymore. If you want to take over contact us at


s3export_backup is a command line interface to AWS Export services.

Installation and Configuration

It is recommended to install s3export_backup by using librarian puppet. Module can be found at


Starting provided Vagrantfile will spin up a debian box with all the dependencies needed. The application still needs adjustments in the configuration file ./resources/config/local.php. To use an external usb storage device please refer to


When installed via puppet there should be a global binary s3export (otherwise look for ./bin/s3export inside the project).

 [options] <command> [arguments]


 s3export cancel-job <job-id>
 s3export create-job <manifest-path> <device-path> [--skip-format] [--dry-run]
 s3export get-shipping-label <manifest-path> <job-id>
 s3export get-status <job-id>
 s3export list-jobs
 s3export verify-backup <device-path> [--target-directory=<value>]

Creating a Backup Job

$ s3export create-job ./manifest /dev/sdb1 --dry-run

You need to provide a manifest file which has to be compiled according to this reference. Please consult the provided example manifest file and modify it according to your needs. Be aware that only ext4 is supported right now.

Customers Outside the U.S.

When sending drives across customs, you need to add a customs: section to the manifest file. See our example file and this reference on how to proceed.

Preparing a Shipment

$ s3export get-shipping-label ./manifest JOBID

Once successfully executed, a pdf file will be post to s3 into the bucket configured as logbucketin the manifest. Print it twice, tape one copy to the parcel, hand over the other one to the driver collecting the shipment. International customers (outside the U.S.) need to attach three copies of a pro-forma invoice to the shipment. This helps the customs judge the value and the type of the parcel's content. Also, print, fill out and include this sheet to the shipment.

Backup Verification

Backup verification requires that the physical drive be sent back by Amazon and properly a configured corresponding S3 filesystem (see Configuration section).

$ s3export verify-backup /dev/sdb1 mysupersecurepassword --target-directory=/s3-export-bucket/

--target-directory is mandatory if you have provided a targetDirectory: in the manifest. The verification is not able to find the backup's root on the external disk otherwise.

Maintainer should manually look into verification command output and analyze it. Tool scans backup drive for 100 random files. Each file is verified against remote S3 filesystem using two checks

  • checks if corresponding file exists on remote filesystem
    • Not critical as a file might have been already deleted from S3 filesystem until arrival of the backup drive.
  • compares local (backup) and remote (source) file hashes
    • Failures to be taken seriously: file content differ which is likely to be a backup error

As described above, 100 random files on the disk will be compared to their counterparts on S3. You obviously need to have internet access to accomplish this and to be aware that even though only the file's metadata is being transferred, you will be charged for the amount of data transferred.