This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the package instead.

Languages for Laravel




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In this repository, you can find the lang files for the framework PHP, Laravel 4/5/6/7.


  • in version 6.1, we propose a new file by language: validation-inline.php ( see #1268 )
  • in version 7, we propose new directory names to follow ISO-15897 ( see #1269 )


Via Composer

Install the Laravel-lang package to your Laravel project with composer using command from the table below based on the version of Laravel you are using:

Laravel version Composer command
Laravel 7.x and new directory names composer require laravel-lang/lang:~7.0
Laravel 7.x composer require laravel-lang/lang:~6.1
Laravel 6.x composer require laravel-lang/lang:~5.0
Laravel 5.8 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~4.0
Laravel 5.1-5.7 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~3.0
Laravel 5 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~2.0
Laravel 4 composer require laravel-lang/lang:~1.0

Copy files

After adding the dependency using composer (as described above) to your application you can find the language files under the directory vendor/laravel-lang/lang.

Copy the folders (and JSON files) of languages that you want to use, into the directory resources/lang of your Laravel application (or app/lang in Laravel 4).

Via GitHub


Run this in your project directory:

# Laravel 5:
svn export[language-code] resources/lang/[language-code]

# Laravel 4:
svn export[language-code] app/lang/[language-code]

Replace [language-code] by any of the languages listed here.

Usage [Laravel only]

In the file config/app.php, change the value of locale by the short name of your language (app/config/app.php in Laravel 4).


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

Status of files

  • Check the file to see the missing translations.

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