This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the calien/extended-routing package instead.

Persisted Sanitized Pattern Routing for TYPO3

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1.0.4 2022-04-07 09:51 UTC

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#Persisted sanitized pattern mapping

What does it do?

Enables the possibility generating sanitized URL parts from persisted patterns. The default PersistedPatternAspect takes e.g. database values and uses them "as they are", including umlauts, special characters and spaces, which will return them into your url and result in unexpected behaviours.

This PersistedSanitizedRoutingAspect encodes and decodes the database part and will make better readable URL parts.

How does it work?

Adds a new routing aspect extending the PersistedPatternMapper from TYPO3 core with sanitized URL parts.

    type: PersistedSanitizedPatternMapper
    tableName: static_countries
    routeFieldPattern: '^(.*)-(?P<uid>\d+)$'
    routeFieldResult: '{cn_short_de|sanitized}-{uid}'
      - locale: 'de_*'
        field: cn_short_de
      - locale: 'en_*'
        field: cn_short_en
    type: PersistedSanitizedPatternMapper
    tableName: static_territories
    routeFieldPattern: '^(.*)-(?P<uid>\d+)$'
    routeFieldResult: '{tr_name_de|sanitized}-{uid}'
      - locale: 'de_*'
        field: tr_name_de
      - locale: 'en_*'
        field: tr_name_en

As you can see, localization is respected, if needed.


Only install the extension and configure your persisted pattern mappers as described above fitting your needs. The |sanitized part will respect the field you want to sanitize.