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LightStrap theme for the CakeAdmin Plugin

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Note: This is a non-stable plugin for CakePHP 3.x at this time. It is currently under development and should be considered experimental.


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require cakemanager/cakeadmin-lightstrap:dev-master

Now load the plugin with the command:

$ bin/cake plugin load -r -b LightStrap


No need to do stuff. Everything is automatically set by loading the plugin.


You can set the Navbar class:

Configure::write('CA.LightStrap.navbar', 'navbar-inverse');

You can apply a Subtheme from Bootswatch:

Configure::write('CA.LightStrap.subtheme', 'Cosmo');
  • Cerulean / A calm blue sky
  • Cosmo / An ode to Metro
  • Cyborg / Jet black and electric blue
  • Darkly / Flatly in night mode
  • Flatly / Flat and modern
  • Journal / Crisp like a new sheet of paper
  • Lumen / Light and shadow
  • Paper / Material is the metaphor
  • Readable / Optimized for legibility
  • Sandstone / A touch of warmth
  • Simplex / Mini and minimalist
  • Slate / Shades of gunmetal gray
  • Spacelab / Silvery and sleek
  • Superhero / The brave and the blue
  • United / Ubuntu orange and unique font
  • Yeti / A friendly foundation


The plugin is CakeAdmin compatible!

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