CakeDC Queue Monitor plugin for CakePHP

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CakeDC Queue Monitor Plugin for CakePHP

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CakePHP CakeDC Queue Monitor Plugin Tag Notes
^5.0 2.0.0 stable
^4.4 1.0.0 stable


The CakeDC Queue Monitor Plugin adds the ability to monitor jobs in queues that are handled by the CakePHP Queue Plugin. This plugin checks the duration of work of individual Jobs and sends a notification when this time is exceeded by a configurable value.


  • CakePHP 5.0
  • PHP 8.1+


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

The recommended way to install composer package is:

composer require cakedc/queue-monitor


Add QueueMonitorPlugin to your Application::bootstrap:

use Cake\Http\BaseApplication;
use CakeDC\QueueMonitor\QueueMonitorPlugin;

class Application extends BaseApplication
    // ...

    public function bootstrap(): void


    // ...

Set up the QueueMonitor configuration in your config/app_local.php:

// ...
    'QueueMonitor' => [
        // mailer config, the default is `default` mailer, you can ommit
        // this setting if you use default value
        'mailerConfig' => 'myCustomMailer',

        // the default is 30 minutes, you can ommit this setting if you
        // use the default value
        'longJobInMinutes' => 45,

        // the default is 30 days, you can ommit this setting if you
        // its advised to set this value correctly after queue usage analysis to avoid
        // high space usage in db
        'purgeLogsOlderThanDays' => 10,

        // comma separated list of recipients of notification about long running queue jobs
        'notificationRecipients' => ',,',
// ...

Run the required migrations

bin/cake migrations migrate -p CakeDC/QueueMonitor

For each queue configuration add listener setting

// ...
    'Queue' => [
        'default' => [
            // ...
            'listener' => \CakeDC\QueueMonitor\Listener\QueueMonitorListener::class,
            // ...
// ...

Notification command

To set up notifications when there are long running or possible stuck jobs please use command

bin/cake queue_monitor notify

This command will send notification emails to recipients specified in QueueMonitor.notificationRecipients. Best is to use it as a cronjob

Purge command

The logs table may grow overtime, to keep it slim you can use the purge command:

bin/cake queue_monitor purge

This command will purge logs older than value specified in QueueMonitor.purgeLogsOlderThanDays, the value is in days, the default is 30 days. Best is to use it as a cronjob


Make sure your Job classes have a property value of maxAttempts because if it's missing, the log table can quickly grow to gigantic size in the event of an uncaught exception in Job, Job is re-queued indefinitely in such a case.