PHP5.3+ namespaced version of phpQuery with enhanced CSS support

0.9.13 2022-06-21 14:54 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-21 18:19:55 UTC


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Basic usage of this fork

// This gives you the phpQuery object as normally used.
use PhpQuery\PhpQuery as phpQuery;

// This creates the pq() function in your namespace.

// This creates the pq() function in the global namespace.

About this fork

This fork includes several modernizations:

  1. Merged with
  2. Removed CSSParser from this repository and included it via composer
  3. Added PhpQuery\ namespace
  4. Adjusted the folder structure to reflect usage of PSR-4
  5. Corrected the unit tests and integrated with travis-ci

Beyond these adjustments, this project will be minimally maintained. For more phpQuery usage information and fork history, I highly recommend you review the README.

Very Similar Project

See QueryPath for a more active project that also works to replicate the jQuery syntax for PHP.

My Preferred Alternative

There are several alternatives to phpQuery out there. While several have a healthy adoption rate, I was looking for a library that leveraged SimpleXML and focused on the PHP use case rather than building all of the functionality from scratch and adding unnecessarily methods and selectors simply for jQuery semantic completeness. In the end, I selected to launch a project that attempts to a be a PHP-centric lightweight wrapper for SimpleXML. Learn more about QuipXml.