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Laravel 5 Plugins

v2.2 2016-08-03 17:27 UTC

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Last update: 2020-05-06 19:03:07 UTC


Caffeinated Plugins

Laravel 5.1 Laravel 5.2 Source License

Abstraction layer between Blade/Twig to allow the means to "plug in" data through a consistent interface.

Quick Installation

Begin by installing the package through Composer.

composer require caffeinated/plugins=~2.0

Once this operation is complete, simply add both the service provider and facade classes to your project's config/app.php file:

Service Provider



'Plugin' => Caffeinated\Plugins\Facades\Plugin::class,

And that's it! With your coffee in reach, start plugging in some data!

Quick Usage

Build your plugin: app\Plugins\YourPlugin.php

namespace App\Plugins;

class YourPlugin
	public function run()
		return 'Whatever you want';

Register your plugin, ideally within a service provider:

Plugin::register('plugin_name', 'App\Plugins\YourPlugin');

Now simply use it!

{{ @plugin_name() }}  // Echo's "whatever you want" in this case