A quick and easy way to store,retrieve, and style social media links

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2.0.1 2019-11-07 08:27 UTC

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A quick and easy way to store, retrieve, and style social media links.

You could configure it to be multiple social links per:

Supported social networks

Being able to configure the list of social networks means you can align the list with the icons you have available, perhaps via your icon font.

You can configure the list of available social networks by adding a yaml config, as such:

    facebook: Facebook
    linkedin: LinkedIn
    skype: Skype
    twitter: Twitter
    website: Website

If you don't specify a configuration of networks, then a default list will kick in.

Member extension

Add the SocialLinkMemberExtension extension to Member to allow each member to have multiple extensions.

        - SocialLinkMemberExtension