Add a facebook likebox/feed to your SilverStripe site using a shortcode or widget.

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Facebook Like Box

Provides a shortcode, and a widget for adding the facebook likebox/stream to your site, using the facebook page plugin.


To use the shortcode or widget, you'll first need to create a facebook app and include the facebook javascript SDK on your site.

Add the [FacebookFeed] shortcode to your content, with any of the following parameters:

	[FacebookFeed Href=http://www.facebook.com/silverstripe stream=true Height=1000 Width=500 AdaptContainerWidth=true ShowPagePosts=true ShowFaces=true HideCoverPhoto=true UseSmallHeader=true]

The only main requirement is setting the href value to your facebook page. Default heights are provided if you enable/disable the header, or show_faces.


The widget will only work if you have included the widget module.


Some likebox featuers won't show up if the chosen height is too short.