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Laravel ExtJS/Sencha direct provider

dev-master 2017-04-28 14:14 UTC

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##Info This is ext-direct provider for laravel 5 and ExtJS 4 (works with extjs 5 as well)

Looking for the laravel 4 package, check the laravel4 branch.

The idea behind ext-direct is to allow javascript to call remote php methods as they were client side javascript methods. This is reducing dramatically the development time.

Heavily(almost 99%) based on http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?102357-Extremely-Easy-Ext.Direct-integration-with-PHP

The original class was touched just a little bit.


Add this line to the composer.json require list and run composer update

"bulforce/ext-direct": "dev-master"

Add to app.php 'providers' array:


This package comes with a Facade but you dont have to include it in your app.php it is automatically included.

You MUST publish or create this config file:


You MUST edit the config.php file:


return array(
    'namespace' => 'Ext.rpc',
    'descriptor' => 'Ext.rpc.REMOTING_API',
    'timeout' => 30,
    'debug' => true,
    'api_classes' => array(
        'Items' => 'ItemsController'

Most important part is the api_classes array, there you have to list all the classes(normally controllers) from your application that you want to make availabe to extjs to call directly.

Note that it doesnt have to be associative array, you can simply list the class name in a normal indexed array. However if you list them as associative array then you can call them from extjs using the array element key instead of the actuall controller class name. This way you can hide your real application structure from the front end.

TAG Direct methods In order for a controller method to be made available to extjs/sencha to call directly two conditions must be met:

1. Method needs to be declared as **public**
2. Method needs to contain comment tag @direct


     * @direct
    public function read($params = null) {
        return Item::take(50)->get();

add a route in your routes.php

    Route::any('/rpc', function() {
        return ExtDirect::provide();

Lastly add something like this in your index.html (after extjs library and before your application code!!!)

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://laravel_project.dev/rpc?javascript"></script>

Now you should be able to call laravel controller methods from javascript directly

Ext.rpc.Items.read(function(response) {

//with params, params will be passed to the controller method as php object
Ext.rpc.Items.read({page: 5},function(response) {

//use it in direct stores api object
api: {
    read: Ext.rpc.Items.read