Performance-optimized backend page tree for large TYPO3 v9 installations (> 10k pages)

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1.0.3 2020-06-15 17:21 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-24 16:07:10 UTC


This extension replaces and extends parts of the new page tree component in TYPO3 9. By default, it loads subpage trees up to a configurable nesting level, adding database mounts and deeper subpage trees that have been explicitly opened by the current backend user. This is helpful for large installations with a lot of pages, in which the v9 core component can run into performance issues (server- and client-side).

Should be regarded as a workaround until the core component has been refactored to load all subtrees asynchronously.


Installation is possible manually of course, via TER or composer.

Known limitations

  • Using the filter/search function within the component will only work for pages/nodes that are currently open or have been since the last page tree refresh. This part would have to be completely rewritten for an asynchronous server-side solution, as the v9 core component does all the filtering client-side.
  • Dragging and dropping onto previously closed page nodes will not open their subpages automatically. To move or copy a page there, please open the target subtree first. In case you see a permanent "..." placeholder where a subtree should be, please simply refresh the page tree in the top right corner of the component.
  • The extension hasn't been tested with complex workspace/versioning setups yet. Any feedback is very much appreciated.