Mailee API for Laravel

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Mailee API for Laravel

Quick start

Required setup

In the require key of composer.json file add the following

"bubb/mailee": "dev-master"

Run the composer update command

$ composer update

In your config/app.php add 'BUBB\Mailee\ServiceProvider' to the end of the $providers array

'providers' => array(



At the end of config/app.php add 'Mailee' => 'BUBB\Mailee\Facade' to the $aliases array

'aliases' => array(

    'App'        => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\App',
    'Artisan'    => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Artisan',
    'Mailee'   	 => 'BUBB\Mailee\Facade',


Publish your config

Publish the config files:

$ php artisan config:publish bubb/mailee


Create a contact


Mailee::createContact(['name' => 'Lucas Colette', 'email' => 'lucas@bubb.com.br']);

Attach a contact to list


Mailee::createContact(['name' => 'Lucas Colette', 'email' => 'lucas@bubb.com.br'])->attachToList('MyList');