Session middleware and helper for Slim framework 3.

3.6.1 2018-07-22 23:41 UTC


Simple middleware for Slim Framework 3, that allows managing PHP built-in sessions and includes a Helper class to help you with the $_SESSION superglobal.

For the middleware version for Slim Framework 2, please check out the slim-2 branch in this repository.


Add this line to require block in your composer.json:

"bryanjhv/slim-session": "~3.0"

Or, run in a shell instead:

composer require bryanjhv/slim-session:~3.0


$app = new \Slim\App;
$app->add(new \Slim\Middleware\Session([
  'name' => 'dummy_session',
  'autorefresh' => true,
  'lifetime' => '1 hour'

Supported options

  • lifetime: How much should the session last? Default 20 minutes. Any argument that strtotime can parse is valid.
  • path, domain, secure, httponly: Options for the session cookie.
  • name: Name for the session cookie. Defaults to slim_session (instead of PHP's PHPSESSID).
  • autorefresh: true if you want session to be refresh when user activity is made (interaction with server).
  • handler: Custom session handler class or object. Must implement SessionHandlerInterface as required by PHP.
  • ini_settings: Associative array of custom session configuration. Previous versions of this package had some hardcoded values which could bring serious performance leaks (see #30):
        'session.gc_divisor'     => 1,
        'session.gc_probability' => 1,
        'session.gc_maxlifetime' => 30 * 24 * 60 * 60,

Session helper

A Helper class is available, which you can register globally or instantiate:

$container = $app->getContainer();

// Register globally to app
$container['session'] = function ($c) {
  return new \SlimSession\Helper;

That will provide $app->session, so you can do:

$app->get('/', function ($req, $res) {
  // or $this->session if registered
  $session = new \SlimSession\Helper;

  // Check if variable exists
  $exists = $session->exists('my_key');
  $exists = isset($session->my_key);
  $exists = isset($session['my_key']);

  // Get variable value
  $my_value = $session->get('my_key', 'default');
  $my_value = $session->my_key;
  $my_value = $session['my_key'];

  // Set variable value
  $app->session->set('my_key', 'my_value');
  $session->my_key = 'my_value';
  $session['my_key'] = 'my_value';

  // Merge value recursively
  $app->session->merge('my_key', ['first' => 'value']);
  $session->merge('my_key', ['second' => ['a' => 'A']]);
  $letter_a = $session['my_key']['second']['a'];  // "A"

  // Delete variable

  // Destroy session

  // Get session id
  $id = $this->session::id();

  return $res;


Here are the big ones listed. 😄


  • Complete Helper tests. (thanks @Zemistr)
  • Slim-specific tests (integration with Slim App).