Resque integration with the Lithium Framework

0.1.0 2013-06-08 00:24 UTC


lithium library for processing and scheduling background jobs using php-resque

early alpha - non-functional - work-in-progress

thanks for stopping by. I am in the process of defining how this library works. If you want to join forces or need something like this, feel free to contact me.

fork notes

  • This is the Knodes version of li3_resque. It deviated from d1rk's (great) efforts into a hackish solution that simply works but isn't as well structured.
  • This fork provides a static ResqueProxy class that channels all methods either a Resque class (php-resque), a ResqueScheduler (php-resque-scheduler)


add the repo as a submodule, the make sure to update submodules recursively, e.g.:

git submodule add libraries/li3_resque
git submodule update --init --recursive