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1.3.0 2021-03-02 13:07 UTC


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The BW_Jobs extension is an easy to install TYPO3 Extension for creating a powerful job list. It also is structured to the "" standard which will push jobs automatically to job portals.



  "browserwerk/bw_jobs": "^1.1",
  • Add extension in the backend
  • Append to template
  • Set the ID of the details page and the storage folders in the Constant Editor

beautify URLs -> config.yaml

 type: Extbase
 extension: BwJobs
 plugin: Frontend
	 - { routePath: '/{job_slug}', _controller: 'Job::show', _arguments: {'job_slug': 'job'} }
 defaultController: 'Job::show'
		 type: PersistedAliasMapper
		 tableName: 'tx_bwjobs_domain_model_job'
		 routeFieldName: 'slug'

Creating your First Jobs

Select the backend module

  1. Create category
  2. Create contact
  3. Create Location 3.1 Attach contact
  4. Create Employment Type
  5. Create job and attach everything

Add HTML-templates:

Create new file extension/Configuration/TypoScript/Plugin/BwJobs.typoscript

 plugin.tx_bwjobs {
   view {
       templateRootPaths.1 = extension/Resources/Private/Fluid/BwJobs/Templates/
       partialRootPaths.1 = extension/Resources/Private/Fluid/BwJobs/Partials/
       layoutRootPaths.1 = extension/Resources/Private/Fluid/BwJobs/Layouts/


  • Multilanguage support
  • Automatic Structured Data JSON for each job
  • List Pagination Size adjustable (List View-> List Pagination Size )
  • Automatic application form (Detail View,List View-> Checkbox Applications Form)
  • Selection of the jobs to be displayed (List View)
  • URLs were loaded into that Sitemap
Where can I find what
Structured Data JSON /Classes/Service/StructuredDataService.php
Application form /Resources/Private/Fluid/Forms] && /Resources/Private/Partials/Job/Application.html

Coming Soon

  1. Filter Frontend