Add and manage a common library of Media from your Pages and DataObjects

dev-master 2015-05-19 23:45 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-11 14:44:00 UTC




Version aardvark PR-1


  • Attach media to your Pages and DataObjects.
  • Exposes a consistent management interface that features extensible media types and a common [many-many] library.
  • Leverages GridField and GridFieldExtensions for sortable DragAndDrop support.
  • Examples include Photos, Videos, YouTubeVideos, and Audio.
  • Define custom Media Types using standard SilverStripe practices
  • Limit MediaTypes per decoration (e.g. allow only SitePhotos on Pages, SiteVideos and SitePhotos on Artists).
  • Built-in SiteMediaPage allowing viewers to browse all [public] Media that has been attached uploaded.

Configuration & Usage

  • Coming soon. See _config.php / example.config.php for an example.
  • Reference the templates and media types


For support or questions, please use the GitHub provided issue tracker;