Nicely integrate MailChimp lists with SilverStripe FlexiForms. Includes support for Interest Groups & more.

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Nicely integrate MailChimp lists with SilverStripe FlexiForms. Includes support for Interest Groups & more.


SilverStripe FlexiForm


Tested in SilverStripe 3.1


flexiform fields

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php composer.phar require briceburg/silverstripe-mailchimp-flexiform


This module integrates your SilverStripe flexiforms with MailChimp through the MailChimp v2 API.

You associate a form with a MailChimp List. When a valid submission is made, the submitter is subscribed to the associated list and optionally added to selected Interest Groups.

You have control over Welcome Emails, Double Opt-In, and Email Preferences.

Configuration is per-form, allowing you to override the default handler settings. E.g. You may use the same handler on forms which subscribe the user to different lists.

  • Install this module and trigger the environment builder (/dev/build).

  • Create a new Mailchimp Handler under the Manage Handlers area from any FlexiForm Settings tab.

  • Assign the Mailchimp Handler to any form you wish to integrate with MailChimp. Save. The MailChimp tab will appear where you may further configure the integration.

Automatic Form Creation

You may programatically create forms integrated with MailChimp using the convenicences of flexiform.

# mysite/_config/config.yml

# Make sure we have an Email Field named `Email`
    - Name: Email
      Readonly: true

# Make sure we have a MailChimp Handler named `NewsletterHandler`
    - Name: NewsletterHandler
      MailChimpListID: 0ffffff, 
      MailChimpApiKey: 0000000-us9,
      Readonly: true

# Automatically create a Content Block with a MailChimp enabled flexiform 
    - Title: sidebar
      Heading: iCEBURG Labs Newsletter
      Content: iCEBURG Labs is proud to offer an email subscription service...
      Readonly: true
  flexiform_default_handler_name: NewsletterHandler
    - Name: Email
      Type: FlexiFormEmailField
      Prompt: Email
      Required: true
class CommonContentNewsletterBlock extends CommonContentBlock

    private static $label = 'Newsletter Block';

    private static $extensions = array(

To learn more, read the flexiform configuration documentation.

This example uses the commoncontent addon.