Easily convert ISO_8601 Duration time format to seconds and convert seconds to ISO-8601 Duration

v0.1.0 2016-02-11 16:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-16 07:58:26 UTC


Easily converts ISO 8601 Durations to Seconds and Seconds to ISO 8601 Durations


composer require bretterer/iso_duration_converter


$converter = new \Bretterer\IsoDurationConverter\DurationParser();
$converter->parse('PT8S'); // Returns 8
$converter->parse('PT5M'); // Returns 300
$converter->parse('PT20H'); // Returns 72000
$converter->parse('PT6M4S'); // Returns 364

$converter->compose(8); // Returns PT8S
$converter->compose(300); // Returns PT5M
$converter->compose(7200); // Returns PT20H
$converter->compose(364); //Returns PT6M4S

$converter->parse('P5W'); // Returns 3024000
// To Returns Weeks, The second argument should be true
$converter->compose(3024000, true); // Returns P5W
$converter->compose(3024000); // Returns P35D

$converter->parse('Hello World'); // Throws 'Invalid Argument Exception' with Message 'Invalid Duration'
$converter->parse('P10Y10M10D'); // Throws 'Invalid Argument Exception' with Message 'Ambiguous Duration'

Years and Months

If years are passed into the parse method, an invalid argument exception will be thrown.

If you are wanting to convert seconds into months, pass true as the second argument in the compose method