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  • Beds - creates and maintains a list of beds suitable for describing houses (1 bed, 2 bed etc.)
  • Baths - creates and maintains a list of bathrooms suitable for describing houses (1 bathroom, 2 bath.. etc.)
  • People - creates and maintains a basic people database
  • Property - creates and maintains a basic property database
  • Postcodes - creates and maintains a basic postcode database, complete with list of australian postcodes to import
  • Users - creates maintains table of users with designate for active and admin priveligde


composer require bravedave/green


use the composer scripts option to maintin a script which runs on upgrade

	"scripts": {
		"post-update-cmd": [


and updater would be in your root directory and look like (for example):


use dvc\service;

class updater extends service {
    protected function _upgrade() {
        config::route_register( 'beds_list', 'green\\beds_list\\controller');
        config::route_register( 'baths', 'green\\baths\\controller');

        echo( sprintf('%s : %s%s', 'updated..', __METHOD__, PHP_EOL));


    static function run() {
        $app = new self( application::startDir());