StarterKit for integration with Pattern Lab

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A pattern tree built for the and Pattern Lab integration.


You can import the StarterKit using one of the following commands:


php core/console --starterkit --install brandai/starterkit-mustache-brandai


npm install brandai/starterkit-mustache-brandai
gulp patternlab:loadstarterkit --kit=starterkit-mustache-brandai

Note: use --clean=true if you want patterns to replace your current patterns, otherwise keep it false.

You can learn more about Pattern Lab StarterKit installations in the Pattern Lab wiki:


  • In this StarterKit you'll find patterns that display your style data from under BRANDAI menu item. Pattners:

    • Colors
    • Fonts
    • Typography
    • Logos
    • Icons
    • Images
  • You can use these elements and your style data as standard Pattern Lab components, and the data as mustache data access flow.

  • Note: for a font to be rendered correctly, include your font directly in Pattern Lab.

Synchronizing data

This starter kit contains style-data.json representing an example project from

To have Pattern Lab use data from your design library, replace the default style-data.json with the style-data.json that's available for your design library. You can find the latter by visiting the data export app on See an example data export page.

You can download the style-data.json file and copy it to your source folder. Alternatively, you can automate this process by running a brandai-cli command. This makes it easy to update Pattern Lab as your design library changes.

Here's how you'd do it.

To use the cli

npm install brandai-cli --global

Then execute the below command that will download the JSON style data from and copy it to the destination folder.

brandai json --dest source/_data --organization <organization> --library --<design library>

More details can be found in brandai-cli