Page slice implementation for Silverstripe

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2.0.19 2019-07-03 13:53 UTC


This module provides a base PageSlice class on which new slices can be extended. A PageContentSlice is included by default, this slice holds the parent's content.


To add page slices to your page simply include the PageSlicesExtension to your page.

Setting up default slices

Default slices are slices set up by the developer in the config that are installed on createion of a page or object after write. This module comes with some config setting by which default slices can be set up. For example:

    - Broarm\Silverstripe\PageSlices\PageSlicesExtension
    - PageContentSlice
    - Blog

With the above config all pages would get the PageContentSlice by default except for Blog pages.

The config stacks, so if you would like to add a banner slice to blog posts by default you could add the following to the config:

    - BannerSlice
    # By adding the content slice you can control the sort order
    # Otherwise stacked slices will be appended to the list
    - PageContentSlice

PageContentSlice template hierarchy

The Page content slices looks for it's template in a similar manner as the Page class. For example, a PageContentSlice added to a BlogPost would prefer the template above the It iterates trough the class hierarchy until it stumbles upon a usable template.


The module is namespaced except for the PageContentSlice, this is because the GridFieldAddNewMultiClass does not support namespaced classes yet. For your own PageSlices take care to not namespace them (yet!).


Bram de Leeuw