Link your instagram account to you SilverStripe site and query the instagram api

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2.1.2 2019-09-18 12:34 UTC

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Last update: 2020-02-18 13:26:51 UTC


Add instagram api support to you website! Creates a tab in on the Member section where content authors can authenticate with your Instagram app. The module contains a task that fetches the authenticated member's images form instagram.



Some of the features are only available to non-sandbox clients. By default, sandbox mode will only return the last 20 media items from authenticated users.

The default behaviour runs a task that checks media from authenticated users. This data gets stored in InstagramMediaObject's. The simplest way to get started would by by running the task either by cron or by hand and querying the InstagramMediaObject.

But you could also create your own tasks or, request the api directly, with the following methods.

$instagram = Instagram::create();
// All the following request go trough this basic method.
// You could do most of the available API requests with this method. 
$instagram->get($node = null, $limit = null);
// Get the media of the current (authentiated) user
$instagram->getCurrentUserMedia($limit = null);
// Get the media of a given "Silverstripe" member, only works if the member is authenticated
// See ImportMediaTasks.php for a implementation 
$instagram->getMemberMedia(Member $member, $limit = null)
// Get media by tag from the pool of authenticated members
$instagram->getTaggedMedia($tagName, $limit = null)