A Laravel-based Multimedia Cloud for iOS.

dev-master 2017-07-07 18:29 UTC


This is an ongoing project. The goal of iOS-MultiCloud is to store multimedia (photos and music) on a personal cloud storage device with an integrated web server, so they can be accessed from either a web browser or an iOS app. Unlike other solutions, iOS-MultiCloud aims to be completely open and modifiable for one's own purposes, and it is specifically designed to support iOS features, such as Live Photos. It has 3 components: a web server powered by Laravel (PHP), a web client using jQuery, and (optionally) and iOS client app.


  1. Install and configure Laravel 5.4, including database configuration.
  2. Run composer require bradztech/ios-multicloud.
  3. In /config/app.php, add this line to the Providers array: BradzTech\IosMultiCloud\MultiCloudServiceProvider::class.
  4. Run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=mcConfig, then open /config/multicloud.php to configure the directories.
  5. Run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=mcAssets to export public CSS and JS.
  6. Run php artisan migrate to create database tables.
  7. Run php artisan multicloud:index. This will recursively index the folder specified in the config and add an entry for every folder and recognized multimedia file to the database.
  8. Insert instructions for authentication and media pre-conversion here. (NYI)
  9. Now head to your Laravel website.