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This is a PHP library for the application. Note that this is in development right now. Feel free to open PRs.


  1. Require the package via composer
$ composer require "br/consul-php"
  1. Instantiate the library:

Depending on which part of the library you want to use, instantiate the correct Client:

$client = new \BR\Consul\Agent('http://localhost:8500'); // to issue commands to the local agent
$client = new \BR\Consul\KeyValueStore('http://localhost:8500'); // to access the Key Value Store


1. Key/Value Store

Use the getValue(), setValue() and deleteValue() functions of the client. Example:

$client->setValue('myKey', 'myValue');
$client->setValue('myKey', 'myValue', 'datacenter-east'); // Set the value in the datacenter-east datacenter

$client->getValue('myKey', 'datacenter-east'); // Get the value from the datacenter-east datacenter

$client->deleteValue('myKey', 'datacenter-east'); // Delete the value from the datacenter-east datacenter

2. Agent

2.1 Registering a service with the agent

In order to register a service, you have to create a BR\Consul\Model\Service object, and pass it to the Client::registerService() function. Example:

$service = new \BR\Consul\Model\Service();

$success = $client->registerService($service);

2.2 Retrieving a list of all services registered with the agent

You can retrieve a list of services that are registered with the agent. Example:

$services = $service->getServices();

/** $srv \BR\Consul\Model\Service */
foreach ($services as $srv) {
    echo $srv->getName()

2.3 Removing a service from the agent

// alternatively

3. Catalog

3.1. Get a list of datacenters

$datacenters = $client->getDatacenters();

/** $datacenter \BR\Consul\Model\Datacenter */
foreach ($datacenters as $datacenter) {
    echo $datacenter->getName();


Run the unit and functional tests by running phpunit in the root of the repository.

To run consul, use:

$ ./consul agent -data-dir . --bootstrap -server