Add changelogs to your laravel admin project - https://github.com/bpocallaghan/laravel-admin-starter

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Last update: 2021-02-23 11:33:10 UTC


Add changelogs to your laravel admin project. This will allow you to track the changes of your application.


Update your project's composer.json file.

composer require bpocallaghan/changelogs


Register the routes in the routes/vendor.php file.

  • Website Route::resource('changelog', 'Changelogs\Controllers\Website\ChangelogsController');
  • Admin Route::resource('settings/changelogs', 'Changelogs\Controllers\Admin\ChangelogsController');


php artisan changelogs:publish

This will copy the database/seeds and database/migrations to your application. Remember to add the $this->call(ChangelogTableSeeder::class); in the DatabaseSeeder.php

php artisan changelogs:publish --files=all

This will copy the model, views and controller to their respective directories. Please note when you execute the above command. You need to update your routes.

// website
Route::get('/changelog', 'ChangelogsController@index');
// admin/settings
Route::resource('changelogs', 'ChangelogsController');


This is being used inside Laravel Admin Starter project.


  • When the controller gets published - the vendor's views will be loaded (manually need to be updated)
  • rename changelogs::index TO settings.changelogs.index