Boxalino Real Time User Experience (RTUX) Framework

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For the Shopware6 integration, Boxalino comes with a divided approach: framework layer, data export layer and integration layer. The current repository is used as a framework layer and includes:

  1. API bundle
  2. JS tracker

By adding this package to your Shopware6 project, your setup can do the following:

  1. Enable the tracking
  2. Proceed to integrate features.

In order to create your dedicated account data index, the data export layer has to be installed before you continue.

In order to use the API for generic functionalities (search, autocomplete, recommendations, etc), please continue with the guidelines from the integration repository


Check the public documentation on Framework Integrations

Additionally, please check the GITHUB wiki page.


  1. Add the plugin to your project via composer composer require boxalino/rtux-shopware

  2. Activate the plugin per Shopware use ./bin/console plugin:refresh ./bin/console plugin:install --activate --clearCache BoxalinoRealTimeUserExperience

  3. Log in your Shopware admin and configure the plugin with the configurations provided for your setup Shopware Admin >> Settings >> System >> Plugins >> Boxalino RTUX Framework for Shopware v6

  4. Due to the JS files in the plugin (tracker, Shopware6 CMS blocks, etc), a theme compilation might be required: ./psh.phar administration:build or ./bin/ ./psh.phar storefront:build or `./bin/ ``

  5. If the plugin configurations are not displayed, they can be accessed via direct link: admin#/sw/plugin/settings/BoxalinoRealTimeUserExperience

All events will use a dedicated log file ./var/log/boxalino-.log

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