A collection of Must Use WordPress Plugins for Willow

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2.0.0 2020-06-29 06:58 UTC


This is a collection of Must Use Plugins for the WordPress part of the Willow Platform


Simply require the package with composer:

composer require bonnier/willow-mu-plugins


- DefaultPlugins

This plugin makes sure the necessary plugins are available an activated.

- OffloadS3

This plugin ensures that specific uploaded files are marked as downloadable and that plugin configurations are set through the environmentfile, instead of through the settings page.

- RemoveCategorySlug

This plugin ensures that WordPress doesn't include the slug category in URLs.

- TimeZone

This plugin forces WordPress Timezone setting to be set to Europe/Copenhagen.


- LanguageProvider

This helper wraps Polylang in static methods, allowing other plugins to call these methods without having to worry about Polylang.

- AbstractSettingsPage

This helper enables plugins to create settingspages easily.


You can run tests by runing the command composer unit