Zend Framework 1

v1.12.20 2016-09-10 08:00 UTC


This is a mirror of the official Zend Framework 1 subversion repository, with some modifications for improved Composer integration. This package can also be found at Packagist.


There are several reasons for using this package over of the official package:

  • The following folders have been removed: demos, documentation, externals, extras/documentation, extras/tests, src, tests. This reduces the number of files from over 72000 to below 3500. It also reduces size from ~532MB to ~33MB.
  • Improved autoloading. Explicit require_once calls in the source code has been commented out to rely on composer autoloading, this reduces the number of included files to a minimum.
  • Composer integrates better with github than it does with subversion.

How to use

Add "bombayworks/zendframework1": "1.*" to the require section of your composer.json, include the composer autoloader and you're good to go.

Automatic mirroring

You dont need to worry about future releases missing from this repository. A cron job has been setup to automatically commit, tag and push new releases to this repository.