Helper classes dependency for Laravel Enso

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Helper classes dependency for Laravel Enso.



  • An abstract Enum class which can be used to build an enumeration out of an array or a config file and comes with a set of helper functions
  • An Obj class, with a constructor for building an object from an array, a Laravel model that can even have loaded relationships and more. It provides a suite of helper functions, such as:
    • all(),
    • __toString(),
    • toJson(),
    • toArray(),
    • get($key),
    • set($key, $value),
    • has($key),
    • keys(),
    • values()
  • A JsonParser class that takes a JSON file as its constrctor's argument, and can parse and transform the file to:
    • object
    • array
    • JSON string


  • A generic exception: EnsoException is available also with a Facade. This exception is extended by all the other Enso specific exceptions and it is not reported by the Laravel's Exception Handler
  • A FileMissingException, a child of EnsoException
  • A JsonParseException, a child of EnsoException
  • A MorphableConfigException, a child of EnsoException


  • ActiveState - adds whereActive() and whereDisabled() scopes, isActive() and isDisabled() helpers, for models that have a boolean is_active property


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This package is released under the MIT license.