Form builder for Laravel Enso

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JSON-based Form builder for Laravel Enso. Read Docs

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  • allows for quick creation of forms
  • uses a JSON template file for generating the form
  • flexible form layout, that supports directly from the template
    • grouping inputs into logical sections and columns of different widths, even on the same row
    • grouping sections into tabs
  • uses it's own VueJS components, such as vue-select and datepicker for an improved experience -EnsoForm.vue a server-side form wrapper is available that can be used to fetch the form configuration
  • for most forms, the json template is all that it's needed
  • provides helpful error messages when the template is missing parameters or unexpected values are found
  • when needed, allows the customization of form components in order to cover all scenarios
  • comes with a template.json file that can be used as an example when starting out
  • integrates with the Laravel Request Validation for seamless usage and reusability
  • uses the Enso toast notifications for stylish feedback on the various actions
  • customizable placeholder for all elements
  • handles number, money and currency formatting, using the accounting.js library
  • provides beautiful date & time selection, based on the flatpickr library

Configuration & Usage

Be sure to check out the full documentation for this package available at


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This package is released under the MIT license.