Open location code for php

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Open location code for php

Open Location Codes are a way of encoding location into a form that is easier to use than latitude and longitude.

They are designed to be used as a replacement for street addresses, especially in places where buildings aren't numbered or > streets aren't named.

Open Location Codes represent an area, not a point. As digits are added to a code, the area shrinks, so a long code is more accurate than a short code.

A location can be converted into a code, and a code can be converted back to a location completely offline.

Based on javascript version from this repo.


Install via composer:

$ composer require bogdaan/open-location-code


use OpenLocationCode\OpenLocationCode;

// encode
var_dump(OpenLocationCode::encode(48.41, 34.81));

// decode (return area array)

Method OpenLocationCode::decode returns array with following keys:

  • latitudeLo, longitudeLo - the coordinates of the lower left corner of the square
  • latitudeHi, longitudeHi - the coordinates of the top right corner of the square
  • codeLength - decoded length