A helper for installing library assets for Drupal.

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0.1.2 2017-07-14 16:28 UTC

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Last update: 2021-09-12 01:06:48 UTC


A helper for installing library assets for Drupal.

By using Asset Packagist, you can already install Drupal assets into the right location.

But, what about packages that aren't named the way a Drupal module is expecting?

This package both includes common name mappings already, and allows you to specify your own in composer.json.

Then, it will symlink, copy, or move the mapped assets to the right location whenever they are installed or updated.

How to use the plugin

First, require "bmcclure/drupal-library-mapping".

Enable Asset Packagist support following their instructions.

Configure the following in extra:

"installer-types": ["library", "drupal-library", "bower-asset", "npm-asset"],
"installer-paths": {
    "libraries/{$name}": [

Now simply require assets from Asset Packagist, and they'll be mapped appropriately.

Customizing the copy type

By default, the mapped plugins are copied.

Add the following to extras to customize the method used for mapping:

"drupal-library-mapping-type": "symlink"

Accepted values are "copy" (the default), "symlink", and "move".

Note that a side effect of using "move" is that composer will reinstall the package every time it runs.

Customizing the package name map

You may wish to map other library names to common ones.

You can add new mappings to the "drupal-library-mapping" key in extras.


"drupal-library-mapping": {
    "jquery-easing-original": "easing"