WordPress Zero Spam makes blocking spam & malicious visitors a cinch. Just install, activate and enjoy a spam-free site.

v5.0.13 2021-08-03 18:56 UTC

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=== WordPress Zero Spam ===
Contributors: bmarshall511,
Tags: comments, spam, antispam, anti-spam, comment spam, spambot, spammer, spam free, spam blocker, registration spam
Donate link:
Requires at least: 5.2
Tested up to: 5.8
Requires PHP: 7.3
Stable tag: 5.0.13
License: GNU GPLv3
License URI:

WordPress Zero Spam makes blocking spam & malicious visitors a cinch. Just install, activate and enjoy a spam-free site.

== Description ==

Quit forcing people to answer questions or confusing captchas to prove they're not spam. Stop malicious users before they ever have a chance to infiltrate your site — **introducing WordPress Zero Spam**.

[WordPress Zero Spam]( uses AI in combination with proven spam detection techniques and databases of known malicious IPs from around the world to detect and block unwanted visitors.

**Just install, activate, and enjoy a spam-free site!**

= WordPress Zero Spam features =

* No captcha, spam isn't a users' problem
* No moderation queues, spam isn't a administrators' problem
* Third-party blacklist checks ([Zero Spam](, [Stop Forum Spam](
* Automatically & manually block IPs temporarily or permanently
* Geolocate IP addresses to see where offenders are coming from
* Block entire countries, regions, zip/postal codes & cities
* Sync the WP core disallowed list weekly using [splorp's Comment Blacklist](
* Multiple detection techniques including [David Walsh's solution](

= WordPress Zero Spam also protects =

* WordPress core comments & user registrations
* [Contact Form 7]( submissions
* [WooCommerce]( registration forms
* [WPForms]( submissions
* [Formidable Form Builder]( submissions
* and can be easily integrated into any existing theme or plugin

WordPress Zero Spam is great at blocking spam — as a site owner there's more you can do to [stop WordPress spam]( in its tracks.

= WordPress Zero Spam needs your support =

**WordPress Zero Spam is free & always will be.** Please consider making a [donation]( to help encourage plugin's continued development.

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== Installation ==

1. Upload the entire wordpress-zero-spam folder to the */wp-content/plugins/* directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (*Plugins > Installed Plugins*).
3. Visit the plugin setting to configure as needed (*Settings > Zero Spam*).

For more information & developer documentation, see the [plugin’s website](

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Does WordPress Zero Spam check Jetpack comments? =

**No.** WordPress Zero Spam is unable to integrate Jetpack. For more information, see [](

== Screenshots ==

1. WordPress Zero Spam dashboard
2. WordPress Zero Spam detections log
3. WordPress Zero Spam blocked IPs
4. WordPress Zero Spam blacklisted IPs
5. WordPress Zero Spam settings

== Changelog ==

= v5.0.13 =

* fix(updates): resolves #262, sanitized & escaped variables
* fix(standards): resolved #261, sanitized & escaped variables
* fix(cron jobs): resolves #260, removed the remote call to splorp's blacklist on Github

= v5.0.12 =

* Fixed issue with WPForms AJAX forms not getting validated by WordPress Zero Spam [#238](
* David Walsh detection technique applied to WPForms & CF7
* Miscellaneous admin UI improvements
* Added ability to disable syncing WP's Disallowed Comment Keys

= v5.0.11 =

* Improved protection for comments, CF7, Formidbale, registrations, WooCommerce and WPForms submissions.
* David Walsh detection technique applied to core WP registration forms.

= v5.0.10 =

* PHP notice fix

= v5.0.9 =

* Performance enhancements
* Various admin UI improvements
* Strengthened comment & registration spam detections

= v5.0.8 =

* Fix for admin first-time config notice

= v5.0.7 =

* Added first-time configuration notice & auto-configure recommended settings functionality
* Added the ability to regenerate the honeypot ID
* Various admin UI improvements
* WP Disallowed Comment Keys are automatically updated weekly using
* Strengthened comment spam detections using WP core disallowed list
* [David Walsh's spam technique]( is back!

= v5.0.6 =

* Various admin UI improvements
* Strengthened comment spam detections

= v5.0.5 =

* Fix autoloader compatibility with Windows paths (
* Various admin UI improvements

= v5.0.4 =

* Fix for when checks should be preformed

= v5.0.3 =

* Added support for Formidable Form Builder
* Fixed PHP error related to a blacklist call

= v5.0.2 =

* Admin UI enhancements
* Added support for WooCommerce
* Added Cloudflare IP address support (
* Update to data sharing option
* Added ability to block individual locations (country, region, zip & city)
* Added support for WPForms

= v5.0.1 =

* Updated readme file & documentation
* Can now be installed via composer
* Updated the required PHP version

= v5.0.0 =

* Initial v5.0.0 release
* Huge performance enhancements
* More control over settings to fine-tune functionality
* Lots of bug fixes & improvements