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PHP class for native reading FLAC's metadata and Vorbis comment

v1.0.2 2017-02-12 23:16 UTC

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Last update: 2021-09-18 10:46:19 UTC


Class for native reading FLAC's metadata in PHP. Provides direct access to the Vorbis comment (artist, title, album, …) to fetch all desired information.


This class can easily be installed via Composer:
composer require bluemoehre/flac-php

Alternatively you may include it the old fashioned way of downloading and adding it via
require 'Flac.php'



use bluemoehre\Flac;

header('Content-Type: text/plain;charset=utf-8');

// benchmark start
$t = microtime(true);

$flac = new Flac('mySong.flac');

// benchmark end
$t = microtime(true) - $t;

echo 'Benchmark: ' . $t .'s' . "\n\n";
echo 'Filename: ' . $flac->getFilename() . "\n";
echo 'File size: ' . $flac->getFileSize() . " Bytes\n";
echo 'Meta-Blocks: '; print_r($flac->getMetadataBlockCounts()); echo "\n";
echo 'Sample Rate: ' . $flac->getSampleRate() . "\n";
echo 'Channels: ' . $flac->getChannels() . "\n";
echo 'Bits per sample: ' . $flac->getBitsPerSample() . "\n";
echo 'Total samples: ' . $flac->getTotalSamples() . "\n";
echo 'Duration: ' . $flac->getDuration() . "s\n";
echo 'MD5 checksum (audio data): ' . $flac->getAudioMd5() . "\n";
echo 'Vorbis-Comment: '; nl2br(print_r($flac->getVorbisComment())); echo "\n";


  • Add getter for pictures

Technical information

Vorbis comment: