Simple currency formatter for PHP.

v3.0.1 2020-08-05 13:40 UTC


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// Parse a document.
$dosh = new Dosh(Dosh::GBP);
$dosh->format('25.43'); // £25.430

// Dependency injection example.

// Change currency
$dosh = new Dosh(Dosh::USD);
$dosh->format("100"); // $100


Require this package, with Composer, in the root directory of your project.

composer require bluebaytravel/dosh

Laravel Installation

Add the service provider to config/app.php in the providers array.


If you want you can use the facade. Add the reference in config/app.php to your aliases array.

'Dosh' => BlueBayTravel\Dosh\Facades\Dosh::class


Blue Bay Travel Dosh is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).