Replaces Flarum search with one powered by an elastic search server.

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0.1.19 2024-06-13 17:27 UTC


Search replaces the native Flarum search functionality which relies on MySQL badly performing fulltext search with one that is completely relying on the proven elasticsearch engine.


  • Sync discussions to elastic search using your queue, unobtrusively for the user.
  • Reduces search loading times to well below 400ms (local tests with 50.000 discussion 260ms)
  • Uses Flarum's group permissions and tags system.
  • Compatible with Friends of Flarum Byōbu.


Use composer:

composer require blomstra/search:*

Enable the extension inside the admin area and configure the settings.

Set up

Enable the extension in your admin area. Now to seed your existing discussions use the following command:

php flarum blomstra:search:index

All mutations to discussions are automatically added and removed from the elasticsearch index.


I have another question. Reach out to us via We will get back to you as soon as we can. If you have a running subscription please mention when you started your plan and/or which plan you are on. Always add sufficient information when reporting errors. We prefer errors being reported here, but understand that sometimes you can't.

Can I dispatch the sync jobs to another queue? Yes:

\Blomstra\Search\Observe\Job::$onQueue = 'sync';

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