Adds extra assert methods and simple ways to create models, controllers, and helpers.

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v1.0.1 2012-11-26 15:33 UTC

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Last update: 2020-09-12 08:01:44 UTC


Adds extra assert methods and simple ways to create models, controllers, and helpers.

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    "require": {
        "composer/installers": "*",
        "blainesch/li3_unit": ">=1.0.0"
php composer.phar install


git submodule add git:// libraries/li3_unit

Clone Directly

git clone git:// libraries/li3_unit


Load the plugin

Add the plugin to be loaded with Lithium's autoload magic

In app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php add:


Extra Assertions

Currently tests extend \lithium\test\Unit instead, extend \li3_unit\test\Unit which extends the default lithium Unit this gives you access to new assertion methods. To read up on all the different assertions visit the file.


namespace app\tests\cases;

use li3_unit\test\Unit;

class SampleTest extends Unit {

	public function testSomething() {
		$this->assertCount(3, array('foo', 'bar', 'baz'));


Calling a controller

Instead of extending our built-in Unit class, extend ControllerUnit. You still have access to all of the extra assertion methods and Lithium's built in features, but also have access to a new 'call' method.


namespace app\tests\cases\controllers;

use li3_unit\test\ControllerUnit;

class UsersControllerTest extends ControllerUnit {

	public $controller = 'app\\controllers\\UsersController';

	public function testSomething() {
		$data = $this->call('profile', array(
			'params' => array(
				'name' => 'Blaine',

		$user = $data['user'];

		$this->assertEqual('Blaine', $user->username);


Calling a helper

Similar to before we will change ControllerUnit to HelperUnit and have access to a new method 'create' which will help create new helpers for us to test against.


namespace app\tests\cases\extensions\helper;

use li3_unit\test\HelperUnit;

class ProseTest extends HelperUnit {

	public $prose;

	public function setUp() {
		$this->prose = $this->create('Prose');

	public function testFourEightStarStatement() {
		$expected = 'Amazing';
		$this->assertEqual($expected, $this->prose->starStatement(4.8));


Calling a model

You're probably better off using a library such as li3_fixtures, but for those of us just wanting a one-in-all package this library can help test non-relational model instance methods.


namespace app\tests\cases\models;

use li3_unit\test\ModelUnit;

class UsersTest extends ModelUnit {

	public $model = 'app\\models\\Users';

	public $defaultData = array(
		'id' => '10',
		'fname' => 'Blaine',
		'lname' => 'Smith',

	public function testName() {
		$user = $this->create(array(
			'fname' => 'Blaine',
			'lname' => 'Schmeisser',
		$expected = 'Blaine Schmeisser';
		$this->assertEqual($expected, $user->fullName());