This package enhances Laravel logging feature

1.0.21 2020-07-05 05:13 UTC



It is recommended to install this package with PHP version 7.1.3+ and Laravel Framework version 5.6+


composer require bkstar123/log-enhancer 


By default, the package will use a custom channel named as bkstar123_log_enhancer and write log messages to a file named as laravel-bkstar123_log_enhancer-YYYY-MM-DD.log. The default log driver is daily and rotation period is 7 days.

You can customize the base name of log files and the rotation period by adding the following environment settings in .env file:


It is not necessary but you can also change the custom channel name with BKSTAR123_LOG_ENHANCER_CHANNEL setting in .env file

You can also write custom log messages to browser Javascript console with no browser extension required. Most browsers supporting console API are supported

To do so, just add the following environment setting in .env file:

To write a log message, call to log() method of DebugLog facade as follows:
DebugLog::log($level = '', string $message = '', array $context = [])

Note: DebugLog alias is automatically registered, so you do not need to add it in the config/app.php

where $level can be debug|info|notice|warning|error|critical|emergency (default to debug level)


DebugLog::log('info', "Hello {n}", ['n' => 'Antony Hoang'])

Log messages are enhanced with the following data:

datetime (with the system timezone): date and time of log messages
channel: value of APP_ENV setting in .env file
level_name: value of $level
message: your custom log message
pid: the process ID of the PHP thread serving the current request
client_ip: the IP address of the client browser
url: request path
http_method: HTTP verb of the current request e.g: GET, POST ...
route_hanlder: the name of the request route handler i.e ControllerName/ActionName
session: the session data associated with the request

Sample log message:

[2019-06-08 11:08:43 UTC] [local.INFO]: Hello Antony Hoang
{'pid': '2873', 'client_ip': '', 'url': '/', 'http_method': 'GET', 'route_handler': 'App\Http\Controllers\TestController@test', 
'session': {"_token":"aSKrQ8xXETX5Mywt3EoLMqTG6SfOA6M4Vc5yGyDC","_previous":{"url":"http://kpacks.acme.com"},"_flash":{"old":[],"new":[]}}}