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Cloud & Desktop IDE Platform

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Eclipse Theia is an extensible platform to develop full-fledged multi-language Cloud & Desktop IDE-like products with state-of-the-art web technologies.



Visit the Theia website for more documentation.


  • Establish a platform to build IDE-like products
  • Provide the end-user with a full-fledged multi-language IDE (not just a smart editor)
  • Support equally the paradigm of Cloud IDE and Desktop IDE
  • Provide support for multiple languages via the language and debug server protocols
  • Provide modern GUI with javascript UI libraries

Getting Started

Here you can find guides and examples for common scenarios:


Read below to learn how to take part in improving Theia:


Read below how to engage with Theia community:

  • Join the discussion on Spectrum.
  • Ask a question, request a new feature and file a bug with GitHub issues.
  • Star the repository to show your support.
  • Follow Theia on Twitter.


  • Debugging

    A visual debugger leveraging the Debug Server Protocol defined by the VS Code team.

  • Plug-in System

    A plug-in system supporting VS Code extensions.

  • Workbench Improvements

    Theia's workbench shell will be improved, such that the user can drag and drop widgets from the side bar to the main area and vice-versa.

  • Test Adapter Support

    Integration with testing frameworks, based on a Test Adapter Protocol.

  • Robustness and Improved UX

    We will further work on simplifying Theia and its UI / UX, improve the performance and keep working on bug reports that are rolling in.

  • More

    Any contributors might want to work on additional things. At least this happened in 2017 and is likely to increase with a growing community. :)