This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the biurad/http-galaxy package instead.

Secure sessions over native PHP handlers

v0.1.3 2020-06-16 23:49 UTC

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Last update: 2020-10-15 02:39:14 UTC


The Symfony HttpFoundation component has a very powerful and flexible session subsystem which is designed to provide session management through a clear object-oriented interface using a variety of session storage drivers. Currently, this package was pulled out of Symfony HttpFoundation component to be used as standalone in any php project and support psr 7.

Sessions were previouly provided by the Symfony's HttpFoundation component, which is included in all Symfony applications, no matter how you installed it. But now, that have changed. Sessions can work on any project with or without psr 7.

Please note that you can get the documentation for this dependency on Symfony website, sessions


The recommended way to install Sessions Manager is via Composer:

composer require biurad/biurad-sessions

It requires PHP version 7.1 and supports PHP up to 7.4. The dev-master version requires PHP 7.2.

How To Use

Symfony sessions was desinged to make sure your PHP session isn't already started before using the Session class. But this package that's work with that rule, you can start sessions, as long as Session class is booted before starting sessions.

Symfony sessions are designed to replace several native PHP functions. Applications should avoid using session_start(), session_regenerate_id(), session_id(), session_name(), and session_destroy() and instead use the APIs in the following section.


While it is recommended to explicitly start a session, a session will actually start on demand, that is, if any session request is made to read/write session data.

Symfony sessions are incompatible with php.ini directive session.auto_start = 1 This directive should be turned off in php.ini, in the webserver directives or in .htaccess.

Session API

The Session has the following API, divided into a couple of groups.

Session Workflow - use start() method.

Starts the session migrate() - do not use session_start().

Regenerates the session ID - do not use session_regenerate_id(). This method can optionally change the lifetime of the new cookie that will be emitted by calling this method. - use invalidate() method.

Clears all session data and regenerates session ID. Do not use session_destroy().

Gets the session ID - use getId() method. Do not use session_id().

Sets the session ID - use setId() method. Do not use session_id().

Gets the session name - use getName() method. Do not use session_name().

Sets the session name - use setName() method. Do not use session_name().

To start using Sessions, boot it like this:

use BiuradPHP\Session\Session;
use BiuradPHP\Session\Config\SessionConfig;

use function getcwd;

// boot sessions.
$config     = new SessionConfig(['driver' => 'file://'. getcwd()]);
$sessions   = new Session($config);

// To get a session, use the 'getSection' method.
$key = $sessions->getSection()->get('key'); //...


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


To run the tests you'll have to start the included node based server if any first in a separate terminal window.

With the server running, you can start testing.



If you discover any security related issues, please report using the issue tracker. use our example Issue Report template.

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