Http Cache: a fully-featured reverse proxy (i.e. gateway cache) written in PHP. Standalone implementation of Symfony HTTP Cache

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The nature of rich web applications means that they're dynamic. No matter how efficient your application, each request will always contain more overhead than serving a static file. Usually, that's fine. But when you need your requests to be lightning fast, you need HTTP caching. This package implements Http Cache from symfony/http-kernel.

Please note that you can get the documentation for this dependency on symfony website, http-cache


The recommended way to install Http Cache is via Composer:

composer require biurad/biurad-http-cache

It requires PHP version 7.2 and supports PHP up to 7.4. The dev-master version requires PHP 7.2.

How To Use

If you are using

If you are using a different package for psr7 http messages, and you want to migrate it this package, use our BiuradPHP\Http\Factory\Psr17Bridge.


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Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


To run the tests you'll have to start the included node based server if any first in a separate terminal window.

With the server running, you can start testing.



If you discover any security related issues, please report using the issue tracker. use our example Issue Report template.

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