A blog module for AsgardCMS.

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Execute the following command in your terminal

composer require asgardcms/blog-module

Followed by a composer update

Note: After installation you'll have to give you the required permissions to get to the blog module pages in the backend.


  • You have to create a blog.index and blog.show page in your front end theme.
  • You can link to the blog index page using : route(locale() . '.blog')
  • In the blog index you'll have access to a $posts variable on which you can loop
  • To create a link to a specific post: route(locale() . '.blog.slug', [$post->slug])
  • On the blog index and blog show pages you'll have access to a $latestPosts variable containing the latest posts, this amount can be configured in the admin.
  • On a post detail page, you can have access to the next and previous post by calling:
    • $post->present()->previous
    • $post->present()->next



All AsgardCMS modules respect Semantic Versioning.

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