Update tools via phive on composer update

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Update the phive toolset on composer update

PHIVE is a tool to distribute PHAR files which is ideal to distribute tools for your build-process without having to worry about them influencing your dependencies.

Wait, what?

Well, usually whenever you require a development tool via composer require --dev that tool will influence your dependency tree as all the dependencies of your tool now become dependencies of your project. So whenever you require a lot of dev-dependencies that makes dependencies-resolving much more complicated as the dependencies of those dev-dependencies suddenly need to match your projects dependencies as well. To circumvent that you can use the phar-versions of the tools you are using. Those are like binary files that do not influence your dependencies at all.

The tool to use for managing those PHAR files is PHIVE. PHIVE not only allows you to install your CI tools without influencing your dependencies, it also comes with signature check on board so that you can be absolutely sure that only tools with correct digital signatures (if available) are installed.

But now you have to handle 2 different tools to get your dependencies and your tools up-to-date.

This plugin tries to fix that by updating your PHIVE-installed tools everytime you do a composer update. So you now only need to update one tool and the other one is updated automatically.


Obviously this is installed using Composer.

composer require --dev bitexpert/composer-phive-bridge


After the package is installed, there is nothing more you need to do. On the next composer update the plugin will check for phive and if it is not installed, it will install phive in the current folder and then run phive install to install all tools.

If you want to add a new tool, run phive install <tool> according to the PHIVE documentation