User's authentication log package for Laravel

0.2.0 2020-03-15 15:26 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-16 00:59:00 UTC


User authentication log for Laravel 5, 6 and 7. This package allows you to log user's authentication and force its logout if necessary!

This package is still unstable. Please report any bug`and documentation lack in order to fix that promptly.

Thanks for your help.

System requirements

Set session.driver value

To use this package the only allowed values of session.driver are file, database, redis (at the moment).


You can install the package via composer:

$ composer require biscolab/laravel-authlog

Laravel 5.5 (or greater) uses package auto-discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the Service Provider, but if you don't use auto-discovery AuthLogServiceProvider must be registered in config/app.php:

'providers' => [

You can use the facade for shorter code. Add AuthLog to your aliases:

'aliases' => [
    'AuthLog' => Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Facades\AuthLog::class,

Publish package

Publish configuration and migration files using the following artisan command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\AuthLogServiceProvider"


Edit config/authlog.php

Variable name Type Description Default value
safe_mode bool Avoid to force logout by yourself true
enabled bool If true the package is active and user's authentication will be logged true
skip_ip string A whitelist of IP addresses (CSV format) that, if recognized, disable the package ''
table_name string The name of the AuthLog database table authlog
users_table_size string Users table size in order to add foreign keys (int means INT, big means BIGINT). Since Laravel 5.8, value should be big (*) big
authlog_model string AuthLog class. You can change ìt BUT your custom class MUST implements 'Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Models\AuthLogInterface' 'Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Models\AuthLog'
session_model string Session class. You can change ìt BUT your custom class MUST implements 'Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Models\SessionInterface' 'Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Models\Session'
session_auth_log_id_key string Session key used to store your AuthLog ID 'auth_log_id'
add_auth_log_id_to_ajax_response bool If true AuthLog ID will be added to your AJAX responses true
ajax_response_auth_log_id_name string AJAX response key used to send your AuthLog ID 'auth_log_id'
add_auth_log_id_header_to_http_response bool If true AuthLog ID will be added to your response headers true
auth_log_id_header_nameauth_log_id_header_name string AuthLog ID header name 'X-Auth-Log-Id'

Remember to run the php artisan config:cache command

(*) If you are using a custom users table please edit datatbase/migratons/2019_09_19_000000_create_authlog_table.php after run vendor:publish artisan command and before run migration artisan command

Add AuthLoggable trait to User model

Use Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Traits\AuthLoggable in App\User


namespace App;

// .....

use Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Traits\AuthLoggable;

class User extends Authenticatable
    use AuthLoggable;
    // other traits
    // ......


Your users' table id MUST be either of type unsignedInteger or unsignedBigInteger. If you have a custom users' table edit datatbase/migratons/2019_09_19_000000_create_authlog_table.php after vendor:publish artisan command

Run migrations

php artisan migrate

AuthLog database table will be created.


Register `AuthLogMiddleware

Register AuthLogMiddleware in app/Http/Kernel.php. This middleware will handle user authentication session ID.

protected $routeMiddleware = [
    'auth.log' =>  \Biscolab\LaravelAuthLog\Middleware\AuthLogMiddleware::class

Add AuthLogMiddleware to routes

Route::group(['middleware' => ['auth.log']], function() {

    // Your routes

Handle logged users

Artisan Command

To handle auth sessions type the following artisan command

php artisan authlog:logged

The list of logged users will be shown

| Log ID | Session ID                               | User                  | Logged @            |
| 604    | teq4LmVM4u4sdhFTKnGsKeWs3IBOLAIOXB1c4ioy | Roberto Belotti (#22) | 2019-09-25 22:56:33 |

Type Log ID to kill session. Type "exit" to quit:

Now you can either quit typing exit or force user logout typing the specific Log ID, in this case 604.

 > 604
Session "teq4LmVM4u4sdhFTKnGsKeWs3IBOLAIOXB1c4ioy" deleted. "Roberto Belotti" user logged out
No logged user, please type "exit" to quit