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API client for,,, and

stability: dev


composer require billdu/api-client:dev-master

or require loader.php from package root directory


first we need to initialize the client like this

$client = iInvoices\Api\ApiClient(, $publicKey, $privateKey);

the client has 4 available resources: Clients, Products, Orders, Invoices you can acces them like this


all have these methods

public function listAll();
public function get($id);
public function create($data);
public function update($id, $data);
public function delete($id);

invoices and order have these extra methods

public function download($id);
public function send($id, $data);
public function getDownloadLink($id);

send method is used like this:

$data = [
    	'subject' => 'invoice',
    	'message' => 'hi, please pay',
    	'recipients' => [

	$clienti->invoices->send($id, $data);