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0.0.10 2023-08-11 09:31 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-11 11:02:13 UTC


Silverstripe Formtacular

A work-in-progress attempt at replacing/combining the functionalities of display-logic and zenvalidator, with the goal of removing the jQuery and jQuery Entwine dependencies.


  • Combined conditional fields + conditional validation functionality.
  • API compatibility with display-logic where possible (effectively complete).
  • Dependency-free JavaScript logic.
  • Extensible for things like custom display rules.
  • "Pluggable" for overriding front-end JavaScript for display rules.
  • CMS compatibility. This is functional but hasn't been extensively tested.


  • Front-end conditional validation is not required as part of this module, only the config - but examples of how to achieve it should be shown.
  • Tidy up JavaScript API. Polluting "window" isn't ideal, but it does keep things reasonably simple...
  • Feature parity with zenvalidator around constraints, utilizing the updateValidationResult extension hook (SS5 only)
  • Compatibility with userforms conditional display logic

Required CSS

No frontend CSS is provided for this, because it's pretty simple for 99% of usecases and loading it from a separate CSS file seems wasteful when it's so easy to add to an existing project:

div.formtacular-hidden {
    display: none;

If you conditionally show/hide other elements, e.g. HeaderField, you may need to expand the selector list. Try to avoid using the .formtacular-hidden class selector alone (i.e. without an element), as this class will be added to both the field holder div and the form field itself by Silverstripe, so your fields may end up always invisible!

Quick example

$fields = FieldList::create(
    TextField::create('FirstName', 'First name'),
    TextField::create('Surname', 'Surname'),
    TextField::create('ContactMethod', 'Contact method', [
        'Email' => 'Email',
        'Telephone' => 'Telephone'
    $email = EmailField::create('Email', 'Email'),
    $telephone = TextField::create('Telephone', 'Telephone')



// This subclass of RequiredFields is currently necessary
// It may be possible in Silverstripe 5 to remove this by utilising field validation extension hooks
$validator = \Bigfork\SilverstripeFormtacular\Validators\RequiredFields::create([

Switching from display-logic

  • Add this module to your composer requirements, it’ll automatically replace display-logic in any dependencies or sub-dependencies that require it
  • Switch from Wrapper::create() to just using CompositeField::create(). This step can be skipped as a Wrapper class is provided to try to make life a little easier

AJAX forms

Depending on how you handle AJAX forms, you may need to re-initialise the JavaScript after submission. As every approach is different, you will need to implement your own logic for re-initialising the form if/when HTML is modified. For example a popular way of handling AJAX form submissions is to replace the entire form HTML with the response from the server; so your form handler could do something like:

// Your import path may vary
import FormtacularForm from '~vendor/bigfork/silverstripe-formtacular/client/src/js/classes/FormtacularForm';

.then((response) => {
  const formHTML = response;
  let $form = $container.find('form');

  const forms = window['formtacular_forms'];

  $form = $container.find('form'); // Re-fetch to get new <form>

  const formtacularForm = new FormtacularForm($form.get(0));
  forms.set(node, form);

An alternative “global” way of handling this is to use a MutationObserver to detect when any form is added to or removed from the document:

// Your import path may vary
import FormtacularForm from '~vendor/bigfork/silverstripe-formtacular/client/src/js/classes/FormtacularForm';

const observer = new MutationObserver((mutations) => {
  const forms = window['formtacular_forms'];
  mutations.forEach((mutation) => {
    [...mutation.removedNodes].forEach((node) => {
      if (node.nodeName === 'FORM') {

    [...mutation.addedNodes].forEach((node) => {
      if (node.nodeName === 'FORM') {
        if (!node.hasAttribute('data-formtacular-visibility')) {

        const form = new FormtacularForm(node);
        forms.set(node, form);

addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
  observer.observe(document.body, { childList: true, subtree: true });


If you need to change how field values are fetched or how events are bound, like if you’re using a JavaScript library to decorate form fields, you can do so by overriding global functions registered against window. For example in the CMS bundle for this module, as jQuery is available we utilise it to fetch field values:

window['formtacular_bindChangeEvent'] = (input, handler) => {
    $(input).on('change input', handler);

Check out the source JavaScript in client/src/js/rules and client/src/js/utils directories for a full list of functions that can be overridden and when you might wish to do so.

Adding checks/rules

You can write your own checks by extending Bigfork\SilverstripeFormtacular\Rules\AbstractRule, registering it in YAML and writing an accompanying JavaScript function:


use Bigfork\SilverstripeFormtacular\Rules\AbstractRule;

class IsStringLongerThanRule extends AbstractRule
    protected int $length;

    public function __construct(string $fieldName, int $length)
        $this->length = $length;

    public function getResult(): bool
        return strlen($this->getFormField()->dataValue()) > $this->length;

    public function getJavaScriptTestName(): string
        return 'evaluateIsStringLongerThan';

    public function getJavaScriptTestArguments(): array
        return [$this->length];

// ...

$field = TextField::create('TestField', 'Test field');
    isStringLongerThan: 'IsStringLongerThanRule'
window['formtacular_evaluateIsStringLongerThan'] = (form, config) => {
    const value = window.formtacular_getFieldValue(form, config);
    return typeof value === 'string' && value.length > config.arguments[0];