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Also see - torrent-bencode

Bencode (pronounced like B encode) is the encoding used by the peer-to-peer file sharing system BitTorrent for storing and transmitting loosely structured data.

It supports four different types of values:

  • byte strings,
  • integers,
  • lists, and
  • dictionaries (associative arrays).

Bencoding is most commonly used in torrent files. These metadata files are simply bencoded dictionaries.

While less efficient than a pure binary encoding, bencoding is simple and (because numbers are encoded as text in decimal notation) is unaffected by endianness, which is important for a cross-platform application like BitTorrent. It is also fairly flexible, as long as applications ignore unexpected dictionary keys, so that new ones can be added without creating incompatibilities.


Apache or Nginx = Latest production version
PHP >= 5.4.0 (with MCrypt PHP Extension)
Laravel >= 4.0


Require this package in your composer.json and update composer.

"bhutanio/laravel-bencode": "dev-master"

Update Composer

composer update or php composer.phar update

Register the Class and Facade

In app/config/app.php add a provider and an aliase.

'providers' => array(

'aliases' => array(
  'BEncode'         => 'Bhutanio\BEncode\Facade',


Simple Example

    $bcoder = new BEncode;
        'comment'=>'Downloaded from Private Tracker',
        'created_by'=>'PrivateTracker v1.0'

    // decode Torrent file
    $torrent = $bcoder->bdecode( File::get('AwesomeMovie.torrent'));

    // show Torrent contents
    $files = $bcoder->filelist( $torrent );

    // make Torrent private
    $torrent = $bcoder->make_private($torrent);

    $infohash = sha1($bcoder->bencode($torrent["info"]));
    $binhash = pack("H*", $bcoder->bencode($torrent["info"])));

Static Method

        'comment'=>'Downloaded from Private Tracker',
        'created_by'=>'PrivateTracker v1.0'

$torrent = BEncode::bdecode( File::get('AwesomeMovie.torrent'));
$torrent = BEncode::make_private($torrent);
$infohash = sha1(BEncode::bencode($torrent["info"]));
$binhash = pack("H*", sha1(BEncode::bencode($torrent["info"])));



 * Data Setter
 * @param array $data [array of public variables]
 * eg:
 *  $bcoder = new \Bhutanio\BEncode;
 *  $bcoder->set([
 *      'announce'=>'',
 *      'comment'=>'Downloaded from',
 *      'created_by'=>'TorrentSite v1.0'
 *  ]);
public function set($data=array()) {}

 * Decode a torrent file into Bencoded data
 * @param  string  $s   [link to torrent file]
 * @param  integer $pos [file position pointer]
 * @return array/null   [Array of Bencoded data]
 * eg:
 *      $bcoder = new \Bhutanio\BEncode;
 *      $torrent = $bcoder->bdecode( File::get('MyAwesomeTorrent.torrent'));
 *      var_dump($torrent);
public function bdecode($s, &$pos=0) {}

 * Created Torrent file from Bencoded data
 * @param  array $d [array data of a decoded torrent file]
 * @return string   [data can be downloaded as torrent]
public function bencode(&$d) {}

 * Decode a torrent file into Bencoded data
 * @param  string $filename     [File Path]
 * @return array/null           [Array of Bencoded data]
public function bdecode_file($filename) {}

 * Generate list of files in a torrent
 * @param  array $data  [array data of a decoded torrent file]
 * @return array        [list of files in an array]
public function filelist($data) {}

 * Replace array data on Decoded torrent data so that it can be bencoded into a private torrent file.
 * Provide the custom data using $this->set();
 * @param  array $data  [array data of a decoded torrent file]
 * @return array        [array data for torrent file]
public function make_private($data) {}